Worship Schedule

  Worship Schedule  


          From July through October, we'll celebrate the 500th anniversary of the start of the Lutheran Reformation with a message series titled By Grace I'm Saved.  The Lutheran Reformation was, first and foremost, a doctrinal reformation.  Luther and those who stood with him sought to bring the teaching of the church back to the teachings of Scripture.
          The first 9 weeks of our journey will focus on Christ for Us, the biblical doctrine of justification, which teaches us how God has declared us righteous, purifying us from our sins and reconciling us to Himself through Jesus. 
          In the second half of our series, we'll focus on Christ in Us, the biblical doctrine of sanctification, which teaches how God makes us holy through the power of the Gospel.  
          We thank God that He has given us a heritage rich in a desire to preserve the truths of Scripture! We hope you can join us in exploring those truths this year!



Sunday, July 2

Theme: Original Sin


Sunday, July 9

Theme: God's Plan of Salvation
Part 1 - Jesus' Active Obedience


Sunday, July 16

Theme: God's Plan of Salvation
Part 2 - Jesus' Passive Obedience


Theme: The Proof of Our Salvation


Sunday, July 30

Theme: God's Gift of Faith


Sunday, August 6

Theme: The Means of Grace
Part 1 - God's Word


Sunday, August 13

Theme: The Means of Grace
Part 2 - Holy Baptism

Sunday, August 20

Theme: The Means of Grace
Part 3 - Holy Communion

Sunday, August 27

Theme: End Times


Sunday, September 3

Theme: Only One Way to Heaven




Sunday, September 10

Theme: The Christian in the Home


Theme: The Christian in Society


Sunday, September 24

Theme: The Christian Congregation


Sunday, October 1

Theme: Christian Prayer


Sunday, October 8

Theme: The One True God

Sunday, october 15

Theme: The Church and Your Church

Sunday, October 22

Theme: Stewrdship

Sunday, october 29

Theme: Evangelism

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